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About Us

We are here to IT Solution with 20 years of experience

Sauratech Pvt. Ltd. is a Start-UP Company. Before started, we had working experience of 20 years. During the career we have initiated and successfully delivered hundreds of ICT solutions to the public as well as corporate sectors. Learned a lot and now independently on way to provide learned services with the value addition.

We have a hobby of (Thinking Creatively and Implementing Innovatively) addressing pain areas of our clients and co-exists. Sauratech believes that the technology must ease your work rather than putting additional burden to manage it. Sauratech emerged as an innovative techno-commercials and trusted solution partner in the field of ICT.

We are specially mastered to the services of Customized Web and Mobile Application Development, Bidding Process, Technical Documentations., Employee Training, Consulting and Liaising, and Online Presence.Our Focused products are ADVOCATERTM – The Legal Ecosystem and WORKALTM – Work Allocation System and Status.

You would appreciate our uniquely designed services like Tender Fact Sheet, Employee Morale Boosting Program and Sales Team Moral Boosting Program etc.

We strongly believe that in today’s business situation, organizations required to continually reinvent themselves. At Sauratech, we take an innovation-led approach to help clients and “thought-invent” their business. Through the Sauratech innovative approach, we combine our capabilities to invent, develop, and deliver believed unsettling and challenging solutions for our clients and scale them faster.

Sauratech Pvt. Ltd. helps both clients and also their other solution provider to transform their requirement into feasible technical solution. Here we destroy possibilities of pretext to be most eligible and get the things done in a cost-effective way by many to our clients and recommend right choice.

For doing good, we work on the side of clients. We are your own consultant working for you only. Our commitment would always be “Timely Delivery of Accurate and Desired Solutions”.

You may trust us. This is today’s need. We are MADE by INDIA and we deliver MADE in INDIA. This is what we do perform.

Why Sauratech

We deal with the aspects of
professional ICT Services

Our IT services converge business and technology experts to help to manage business processes of all categories.

Product Designs

Our firm is expert to create an efficient user interface that makes user interaction friendly.

Customized ICT Solutions

We have driven our experience towards solutions with advanced technology. You may trust us. This is today’s need. This is what we do perform.

Responsive Web & Mobile App

Digital age demanded responsive – mobile device friendly web development. We understand and mastered our selves with latest platform.